The medical programmes offered at the Le Mirador Health Centre are integrative, combining traditional western medicine and alternative methodologies, which are based on the latest scientific research and experimental medicine. It is a holistic approach to optimize and rebalance your health on various levels, by respecting your individuality.


All our predefined expertise programmes are carefully combined to enhance the efficiency of each treatment provided. Even though, they are adapted for different purposes. The importance is to create a tailor-made approach, such as personal detox, age health, stress and weight management. Before each initial programme, a medical consultation is provided. This includes a full physical examination, followed by in-depth laboratory tests and diagnostics. With this data, we will be able to adapt selected programmes to personal requirements and advise on different specialties.


Through the process of supporting the body’s inherent regulatory forces, the body will return to a healthy - balanced state called homeostasis. All of these treatments are accompanied by individualized and outstanding customer services, respecting personal security and privacy, to obtain equilibrium on its own.


Your health - our passion